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Dine at Home: Your Fork

While many of us enjoy having restaurant meals and outdoor meetings again, a cosy night in still is a nice thing to do from time to time. Luckily, the options to make those nights special have been increasing over the past months. London-based Your Fork aims to create the ultimate night in. A chef-curated dinner is the highlight of the night, but Your Fork delivers even more to make any occasion a special one.

[Disclaimer: I received a complimentary meal kit from Your Fork, but no other compensation. All views are my own.]

Your Fork Lee Westcott Ingredients


How it works

Your Fork offers monthly changing meal kits. From a fun pizza night with friends, to a relaxed Sunday brunch or a romantic date night, there is a wide range of experiences matching any occasion, budget, and cooking level. You choose your recipe kit, tailor it to your liking (drinks are optional), receive the ingredients in sustainable packaging and get cooking following the pre-recorded videos and handy individual recipe cards. On top of that, you get access to playlists compiled by famous musicians and a bunch of movie recommendations to round your night up.

How it tastes

I was kindly invited to try out one of the Your Fork experiences. Lee Westcott‘s five-course menu immediately drew my attention: I loved the seasonal ingredients and mouth-watering flavour combinations. Making a dinner created by a renowned Michelin-starred chef sounds challenging, but I personally enjoy spending a few hours in the kitchen and learning new cooking techniques.

Potato Rosti, Crème Fraiche, Chives & Caviar

Who doesn’t love a crispy potato rosti? Made from raw grated potatoes, the Swiss specialty is perfect as a side to dip up creamy sauces. Here, they are served as an Amuse Bouche with Isigny Sainte-Mere crème fraiche and Cornish salted Exmoor caviar. Getting the rostis properly crispy took some time, but funny enough, opening the caviar tin turned out to be the biggest challenge. The black jewels made it on top of the crème fraiche dollops in the end and provided a lovely saltiness to the bites.

Your Fork Lee Westcott Potato Rosti Caviar


Asparagus, Trout Papillote, Lemon Hollandaise & Watercress 

When choosing the menu, they got me with asparagus and hollandaise! There is nothing that reminds me more of family dinners back home in Germany, where we use white asparagus when it is in season. Their green relatives worked nicely with the freshly made sauce hollandaise and the river trout that was cooked en papillote – oven-baked in a parcel of parchment paper. Topped with some peppery watercress, the colourful dish ticked all the boxes for me.

Your Fork Lee Westcott Trout Asparagus Hollandaise

Lamb Loin, Hispi Cabbage, Jersey Royal Potatoes & Wild Garlic

This was my first wild garlic of the season and I was excited to make a velouté from it. Having a creamy, airy green sauce instead of a rich gravy with the tender lamb loin gave this dish a lighter feel and made it a perfect match to a sunny spring day. The crispy oven potatoes and braised hispi cabbage are the kind of sides that I cannot get enough of. A bottle of Rathfinny Cradle Valley Pinot Noir, 2016, was a wonderful pairing – my first ever English red impressed me with fresh acidity and subtle raspberry notes that didn’t overpower the delicate flavours from the main course.

Your Fork Lee Westcott Lamb Hispi Cabbage Wild Garlic

Chocolate Fondant with Chantilly Creme

The seemingly innocent chocolate fondant gave me a bit of a hard time. Overwhipping the cream was followed by an underbaked first fondant and a slightly overbaked second attempt. It was very tasty nevertheless, but being a hopeless perfectionist, I must have another try soon to achieve the ideal level of gooeyness.

Your Fork Lee Westcott Chocolate Fondant

Dark Chocolate & Honey Truffles 

My first ever attempt on chocolate truffles was much more successful – it’s worth the mess and effort! Melting the chocolate, butter and honey, letting it cool down and then rolling it in cocoa powder is actually quite a wholesome process. Having those little balls of chocolate bliss melting in your mouth with a cup of black coffee on the side – of all messes, I don’t mind a little chocolate mess…

Your Fork Lee Westcott Chocolate Truffles



Your Fork stand out from other recipe kits with their approach of delivering a cooking experience combined with music and movie recommendations. I liked the fact that I’ve learnt to make all the dishes from scratch and will be able to make them again thanks to the handy recipe cards. Lee Westcott’s dish-by-dish cooking instructions were easy to follow and helped creating a delicious meal using seasonal ingredients. The whole cooking process took a bit longer than indicated and involved some planning before getting started, but this definitely paid off in the end. Maybe I will choose a more casual experience for my next Your Fork box, before taking on another fine dining challenge.

Not to forget, the Your Fork playlist is on heavy rotation on my phone – here are some of my favourite feel-good tunes from Seye Adelekan’s playlist:

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