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DIY Meal Kits: Cambridge Favourites

Lockdown is a hard time for the hospitality sector and food lovers alike. While we can’t just head to our favourite food stalls and have a good time with friends, DIY meal kits are an alternative not to be missed. Whether you are looking for comfort food or fine dining menus, there are numerous options in Cambridge and beyond. Thanks to straightforward instructions and high-quality ingredients, it has never been easier to recreate your favourite dishes at home and to support local businesses at the same time. 

DIY Meal Kits Cambridge


Steak & Honour Burger Kits

Cambridge’s Number 1 burger place is trading from food trucks around the city and frying up proper, messy burgers in their restaurant on Wheeler Street since 2017. ‘One for Ella’ is one of their most popular menu choices, a no-fuss burger with beef, bacon, cheese, and burger sauce. The ‘One for Ella Home DIY Kit‘ makes four burgers and comes with pasture-fed Norfolk beef patties, milk buns from Grain Culture, American cheese, smoked streaky bacon and the famous S&H burger sauce.

Steak and Honour Burger DIY Meal Kit

The patty needs to be fried from both sides (medium-rare at best!), topped with the fried crispy bacon and cheese, and then – an eye-opener! – steamed with the upper half for a couple of minutes. The bottom half of the bun is toasted, and the burger sauce spread on it, before everything is assembled to make a juicy, nasty burger. Without any doubt, the best burger I have ever made at home!

What else to get? The ‘One for Ella’ is the only meal kit choice at the time of writing, but there were specials for Christmas and other occasions. Also, if you fancy some proper fried chicken, get yourself a bucket from Dot’s Hot Chicken operating from the same kitchen, click to collect or get delivered by Foodstuff. | Cambs local delivery via Click It Local | £35 for 4 burgers


Amélie Flam-kuche Kits

Flam-kuche (or Flammekueche / Flammkuchen), a speciality from Alsace described by Amélie as a skinny pizza, is one of my favourite comfort foods in its classic form: thin and crispy dough baked with crème fraiche, onions, bacon, and cheese. Amélie is not to be missed when visiting The Grafton Shopping Centre in Cambridge, but thanks to the DIY ‘Flam-kuche Flatpacks‘, they can now be enjoyed in at the dining tables all over the UK.

Amélie Flam-kuche DIY Meal Kit

The Flam-kuche Flatpacks are available with eight different toppings, reaching from the classic style pictured above to ‘Goat Cheese & Beetroot’ or ‘Pulled Pork Shoulder”.  All you have to do is to spread the ingredients on the base and bake it in the oven at high heat. Fun to make and ready within minutes! If you prefer to try your own creations, you can also get the flam-kuche bases and prepare them to your liking.

What else to get? I highly recommend trying their cheese fondue as well. It tastes just like the one made by my Swiss friends – with a hint of cherry booze to round it up. The homemade hummus is another great add-on – perfect to dip in the Flam-kuche crust! | nationwide delivery via Amélie store | £17-20 for 4 flam-kuche with toppings


Guerrilla Kitchen Bao Kits

The Guerrilla Kitchen Food Trucks have been a Cambridge favourite for several years now, bringing Asian style baos to the community. My number one option at outdoor festivals, best to be enjoyed with friends and a pint. If you aren’t lucky enough to spot one of their food trucks nearby, you can have a little steaming session at home.

Guerrilla Kitchen Bao DIY Meal Kit

The Guerrilla Kitchen ‘Steam at Home Kit‘ provides you with all you need – you can either get the full package including a handy bamboo steamer, or just the baos and toppings or the baos only for your own creations. It only takes a few minutes to steam the fluffy baos, fry the meat or tofu and then assemble the taste bombs to your liking. I went for the Sticky Pig set with pork belly, sticky sauce, garlic mayo, gojuchang, peanuts and spring onion – juicy, spicy, sweet and a true Guerrilla Kitchen classic! The Fat Hen set is as delicious, with chicken thighs, peanut butter sauce, jalapeño salsa, gem lettuce and peanuts.

What else to get? A portion of veggie gyoza can go into the steamer after your baos – very light and full of freshness and sweetness from the colourful fillings. | Cambs local delivery via Click It Local | £22 for 6 baos, toppings & one steamer

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