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Food blogger based in Cambridge, UK. Passionate about trying out recipes from all over the world, tasting drinks of all sorts and dining out in England and beyond. Read More


Connoisseur Chronicles Sichaun Feast

Sichuan-style Feast

Sichuan Cuisine is famous for highly aromatic, tongue-searing flavours. Cook your own Kung Pao Chicken, Mapo Tofu & Fish-fragrant Aubergine.

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German Christmas Cookies

German Christmas Cookies

Learn how to bake German Christmas cookies with recipes for buttery ‘Vanilla Crescents’, chocolaty ‘Nut Wheels’ and fruity ‘Terrace Jam Cookies’.

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Autumn Menu

Autumn in Three Courses

Celebrate the golden season with a special meal: Trout Mousse on Beetroot Carpaccio, Venison with Creamy Mushrooms & Plum Blackberry Crumble.

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