Connoisseur Chronicles


Dear Food Lover,

Nice to meet you and welcome to my page! I’m Alex, a German guy in his early thirties and the face behind Connoisseur Chronicles. 

Everything to do with food has been my greatest passion, since I was a little kid. But why?

Food makes me dream of distant places: I can’t describe, how happy I was, when I managed to cook that fragrant Pho soup myself. It was teleporting me back to the little street food stalls in Hanoi that I visited on my Vietnam trip a few years ago.

Food makes me remember past days: just thinking of the comforting dishes cooked by beloved family members will always give me this unique joy of being home.

Food makes me enjoy the moment: whether it’s my friends’ private kitchen, that progressive Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen, or the best burger spot in town – they all make me feel refreshed and forget any worries. 

And, most importantly, food brings people together: sitting around the dinner table, chatting about our little dreams or bigger questions of life – food, paired with good drinks, helps us connect and bring our heart and soul together.

After growing up in Bavaria and stops in London and Rotterdam, I moved to Cambridge in 2016. Surprised by how many eateries there are to discover, I still haven’t managed to visit all the places on my list. And London is only an hour away!

To share my journey exploring culinary pleasures is why we are here. How to cook a seasonal three-course menu? What to do with Gin apart from mixing it with Tonic? Where to get a good dinner in town or delivered to your home? Find out on this blog and leave comments or questions, while you’re here. Please also follow my Instagram and Facebook for regular updates and enjoy the songs on my Spotify playlists that I’ve matched with some of my recipes. 

When not cooking or eating, I am a language teacher at university, a travel book author as well as a lover of music, concerts and travelling – which all goes quite well together!

Have fun discovering… and cook, drink and eat


PS: All views are my own and I don’t receive any monetary compensation for posts on this site. If an article is based on an invitation or a free sample, it will be explicitly stated. I am the copyright holder of the material on this page, so please get in touch if you would like to use any pictures or texts.